Exame de Qualificação de Ana Emília Coutinho 30/8 14h

postado em 25 de jul. de 2013 06:33 por Nazareno Ferreira de Andrade
Candidato: Ana Emília Victor Barbosa Coutinho
Título do trabalho: Investigating on Test Suite Reduction Strategies in the Context of Model-Based Testing
Orientador(es): Patricia Duarte de Lima Machado Emanuela Gadelha Cartaxo

Data: 30/08/2013
Horário: 14h
Local: CEEI

Banca examinadora: Juliano Iyoda (UFPE), Anamaria Martins Moreira(UFRN), Jorge Cesar Abrantes de Figueiredo (UFCG), Wilkerson de Lucena Andrade (UFCG). 

Resumo: Test cases obtained by applying a Model-based Testing approach are automatically generated from a specification of the system behavior. However, usually the amount of generated test cases (test suite) is very large, the costs for the complete execution are usually high, and particularly a test suite can have a big number of possibly redundant test cases (in relation to one set of test requirements). To address this problem, reduction strategies can be used to produce a subset of the original test suite that covers a given test requirement. Since the reduced test suite is built one by one, the order that the test cases are put in the reduced test suite can also be considered as an execution order. Then, if the budget is not enough to execute all test cases, that order could be considered. In this sense, our focus is to propose a new reduced strategy based on similarity for test suites generated from MBT approach. Reduced test suite size, failure detection capability and APFD are among the investigated metrics.