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Oportunidade de Emprego na ELIFE

postado em 12 de mai. de 2010 06:43 por Dalton Serey   [ 11 de ago. de 2010 19:07 atualizado‎(s)‎ ]
ELIFE, the leading social media monitoring and social CRM company, based in São Paulo, Recife, Lisboa and Madrid is searching for bright students ideally from 5th semester that are native to Java, Jquery and/or Adobe Air / Flex. ELIFE is expanding to other European markets and it is essential to read English.  You should work 20 hours / week, confortably at home, with skype meetings with other employees in Brazil and Europe. Project management is also done via Skype. Payment for the first 6 months is R$ 600 / month and R$ 730 up to 7th month.

We look for students that are able to remain in the company for as long as possible as an employee after graduation.

Interested? Please send your cv to