Tese de Doutorado: 11/02/2011, 09:00.

postado em 14 de fev. de 2011 04:24 por Hyggo Oliveira de Almeida
Aluna: Emanuela Gadelha Cartaxo. 
Título: Strategies for Controlling the Size of Test Suite Generated from MBT Approaches
Local: Auditório do CEEI. 
Banca Examinadora: Patrícia Machado (UFCG), Orientadora, Paulo Borba (UFPE), Roberta Coelho (UFRN), Jorge Figueiredo (UFCG), Franklin Ramalho (UFCG).

Data: 11/02/2011.
Hora: 09:00.

Resumo: Automatic strategies for controlling the size of the test suites generated from Model-based Approaches are investigated. Usually, functional test suites generated from model-based testing (MBT) approaches have a huge number of test cases and have redundancy. This is due to the fact that test generation algorithms are usually based on structural coverage criteria that are applied exhaustively. Since there are costs constraints to execute all test suite, there are approaches that consider the redundancy among test cases problem to reduce the test suite by considering some coverage criteria. But they have been investigated and applied to code-based testing only. Our focus is to investigate strategies to reduce the size of test suites generated from MBT, taking into account the redundancy among test cases by considering the similar parts of the test cases.

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